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Add a digital welcome to your company’s brand! With Digital Reception, you’ll have complete visitor registration, friendly and smart. Simplify ordinary tasks and offer additional assistance to your clients. Improve visitor management and join the digital age with style.

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Digital Reception beacon with a list of tenants



Make a lasting first impression for your visitors! Welcome them with a beautiful screen that showcases that your company is up to date.

Welcome your visitors with a state-of-the-art, beautiful screen.


We understand that each business is unique and requires a different approach. We are ready to customize the flow so that it fits your needs!

Each business is unique, so the flow can be tailored to your needs!


With Digital Reception, you can easily manage various reception responsibilities, offer information to your staff, and inform your clients.

Manage reception responsibilities and inform your clients and the staff.


You’ll have a preventive safety policy, as well as access to a list of all your visitors, in order to contact them via SMS in the event of an emergency.

You’ll have a preventive safety policy, and access to a list of all your visitors.

Easy to use

It’s personalized according to your company’s needs. Clients are welcomed in a friendly manner and can easily log in and out.

It suits the company’s needs, while clients can easily log in and out.


Reception can be automated and decentralized, reducing the need for (human) resources and at the same time improving the client experience.

Decentralized and automated reception reduces the use of resources.

Ongoing support

We listen to our customers and users carefully! We are always available and we ensure that the reception continues to function flawlessly.

Digital, yet personal

When you enter a building, it’s the receptionist that makes you feel welcome, someone who friendly greets you, shows you the way, or answers your questions. Digital reception makes sure that visitors are personally welcomed without sacrificing any aspect of the experience. It will cover everything from invitation to departure.

Digital wall signage with Digital Reception home page

Digital reception is a more efficient and a safer way of greeting your clients. It provides a complete visitor’s register and in case of emergencies, you know how many visitors are in the building, who they are, and if an Emergency Response Officer is available. You also operate in a much more preventive way by managing protocols such as a corona check, safety instructions, questions etc. on the pillar.

Whatever your niche is, you can always go one step further when it comes to customer service and client satisfaction. Inform visitors about their surroundings or give directions, make check-in easier and more comfortable. With digital host support, it’s easy to make the visitors feel welcome even before they enter the building. Improve visitor experience - embrace digital hospitality!

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