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Choose your reception kiosk!

We offer desktop units and free-standing kiosks that will take your visitor management to the next level. All you need to do is pick the Digital Reception hardware that you think would be a perfect fit for your company - we'll take care of the rest!

Digital Reception simplisio front


A compact interactive desktop unit with attractive design that welcomes your visitors.

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Digital Reception compacto front


An elegant reception kiosk with portrait screen orientation that can fit anywhere.

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Moderno front


A free standing touchscreen beacon for Digital Reception with an innovative, stylish look.

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Automating reception

Switching to Digital Reception is easy with Digitale Receptie! Leave a lasting impression with an innovative touchscreen unit and automated reception tasks. You'll be able to manage certain operations more effectively and improve your overall work process. All of our units would make a great addition to any work environment with their simple, yet stylish design.

Decentralize your reception

If you have multiple locations or entrances, your receptionists will cover them more easily with digital reception. They can welcome the visitors through video calls, have them picked up, and guide them to their destination. This way, Digital Reception ensures a significant cost reduction while maintaining the feeling of hospitality.

Show a little more

With Digital Reception in your office, your clients can get some background information while waiting. Share something interesting about your business! The hotel staff could inform the guests about the weather, traffic, or the news. And if you owned a restaurant, your guests could receive updates on the latest offers.

Get Creative

We have listed a number of possibilities. Each business is unique, and your specific situation may have given you different ideas that you would like to implement in Digital Reception. The design or "look & feel" of the app can be tailored to the style of any company. Would you like to talk it through? Give us a shout!

Digital, yet personal

Digital wall signage with Digital Reception home page

Standard functionalities

Digital reception application

  • Welcome screen
  • Invite visitors via any calendar or CMS and provide visitor pass
  • Check In with QR codes through webcam and pin code
  • Visitor arrival notifications by email
  • Food and package delivery notifications by email
  • Email notification of the arrival of parcel and mail deliverers

Digital reception management system

  • Add employees
  • Invite visitors
  • Overview of employees
  • Overview number of visitors (daily)

Pricing Plans

Digital Reception offers the opportunity to choose a price plan that best suits your company's needs. Select Basic, Professional, or Enterprise package, and opt for monthly payments or save 10% if you pay per year.

€0 €0




  • Welcome screen
  • Invite visitors via any calendar or CMS and provide visitor pass
  • Check-In with QR or pin codes
  • Visitor, food, mail, and package arrival notifications by email
  • Add employees and invite visitors
  • Employees and visitors overview (daily)
  • Android application
  • Email support
  • Access management system

€99 / €79 monthly / when paid annually (€950 a year)


  • All free functionalities
  • Corporate identity integration
  • Visitor arrival notifications by phone, text or whatsapp.Generate visitor passes and access with expire date (QR code and PIN)
  • Visitors pass with an expiration date.
  • Email & telephone support
  • Look back up to 180 days (logs)
  • Customizing emails text
  • Branding and customizing design
  • Active Directory integration

Price  Price 

on request

on request


  • All standard functionalities and all options from the professional package
  • Any customization, integration, extension or functionality you need
  • Partner program
  • Customizing emails branding & content
  • Professional QR code scanners available
  • Multitenant

*Disclaimer: Hardware not included. 249 euro start up costs by professional and enterprise plan.

We can do magic

I am missing a feature! / I need more than one reception!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, or design changes as we are ready to make a tailor-made solution for your company. Let's meet, discuss and solve everything together!

* We use this information only to contact you. We do not use your personal information for any other purpose or share it with third parties. To learn more about the collection and protection of personal data read our Privacy Policy.

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