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Two touchscreen beacons with Digital Reception

The Digitalization Process

Once you make a decision to switch to Digital Reception, you will have constant assistance, from furnishing and design to the purchase of hardware and installation on site. We support you throughout the entire process!

How does it all look like?

Digital Reception can be adapted according to your company's needs and so that it fits almost any situation. Here's an example of how the smart reception works:

You make an appointment in your calendar via Outlook/Gmail and invite your visitor by adding their email address.

Your invitee will automatically receive an email through Digital Reception

Reception with a unique QR-code.

When checking in at the Digital Reception, this QR-code is scanned and you are notified through email or phone. It is also possible to register or deliver packages without a QR-code

After scanning the QR-code, the visitor is registered. They have the option to receive a printed visitor pass.

When leaving the building, the visitor pushes the check-out button and scans the QR-code to open the exit door. It is also possible to enter their name and check out.

Round the clock assistance

Simply put, we'll completely support you on your digital journey! We'll work with you on the design, provide hardware, and take care of installation on site.

Smart visitor management

With Digital Reception, you will improve on hospitality and speed up the mundane processes such as checking in and out. Make sure your visitors are always looked after!

Privacy & Security

Privacy matters! But there is no need to fear the switch from analog to digital, because all features and data within the app are protected and GDPR compliant.

Pricing Plans

Digital Reception offers the opportunity to choose a price plan that best suits your company's needs. Select Basic, Professional, or Enterprise package, and opt for monthly payments or save 10% if you pay per year.

€24 €21




Our Basic package is the simplest solution you can choose. It includes the following:

  • Standard design
  • One company
  • One building
  • Ring a person once you are at the screen, or let them know you are there

€59 €53




Introduce Digital Reception into a multi-tenant building with our Professional package! It offers:

  • Standard design with logo change
  • Multiple companies
  • One building
  • Calling functionality per company
  • Email visitor
  • Easy to use using email bot for invites

Price  Price 

on request

on request


Cover everything you might need regarding visitor management and opt for Enterprise package:

  • Everything from Professional package
  • QR codes for validation at entrance
  • Custom branding
  • Multiple entrances
  • Access control (optional)
  • Employee check in (optional)
  • CMS for overview
  • Visitor registration
  • Includes digital signage screensaver

*Disclaimer: Hardware is not included in the software pricing plan.

We can do magic

I am missing a feature! / I need more than one reception!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, or design changes as we are ready to make a tailor-made solution for your company. Let's meet, discuss and solve everything together!

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