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Pricing Plans

Digital Reception offers the opportunity to choose a price plan that best suits your company's needs. Select Basic, Professional, or Enterprise package, and opt for monthly payments or save 10% if you pay per year.

€24 €21




Our Basic package is the simplest solution you can choose. It includes the following:

  • Standard design
  • One company
  • One building
  • Ring a person once you are at the screen, or let them know you are there

€59 €53




Introduce Digital Reception into a multi-tenant building with our Professional package! It offers:

  • Standard design with logo change
  • Multiple companies
  • One building
  • Calling functionality per company
  • QR codes for validation at entrance
  • Email visitor
  • Easy to use using email bot for invites

€99 €89




Cover everything you might need regarding visitor management and opt for Enterprise package:

  • Everything from Professional package
  • Custom branding
  • Multiple buildings
  • Access control (optional)
  • Employee check in (optional)
  • CMS for overview
  • Includes digital signage screensaver

*Pricing is based per hardware piece used (screen). Extra screen adds 15% of the base price per month. An example, 3 Enterprise screens will cost 128.7e per month (99 + 99/100*15 + 99/100*15 = 128.7).

**Disclaimer: Hardware is not included in the software pricing plan.

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