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Two touchscreen beacons with Digital Reception

Looking for an eye-catching Digital Reception unit?

The Simplisio is an ideal interactive desktop unit for Digital Reception with a modern look and feel. The hardware is public-proof: made of steel, with a super-hard powder finish. Simplisio boasts an attractive design that will surely stand out and draw attention.

Compact desktop model with a modern design

The Simplisio incorporates high-quality hardware components. Our professional digitalreception unit fits the standard (with a 10" and 15" screen) and includes projective capacitive touch technology. It guarantees a precise and pleasing user experience through familiar touch gestures. Various components you might require can be bought separately. Branding and signing your new digital reception kiosk in your company style is also an option. Take advantage of our experience: we'll be happy to help you with any advice you might need.

Technical Specifications

Screen: Landscape
Screen size: 10", 15"
H x W x D (cm): 24 x 30 x 18
Colour: RAL9003, RAL9006
Material: Powder-coated steel
Model: Desktop


Scan Corona QR codes quickly with this new feature

Checking all your guests for the corona tickets is a time-consuming and expensive activity and for some an almost impossible task. The Corona access control column can provide excellent support and quickly reduce the capacity and cost needed to perform these checks.

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Corona check access control system

Digital, yet personal

Digital wall signage with Digital Reception home page

Standard functionalities

Digital reception application

  • Welcome screen
  • Invite visitors via any calendar or CMS and provide visitor pass
  • Check In with QR codes through webcam and pin code
  • Visitor arrival notifications by email
  • Food and package delivery notifications by email
  • Email notification of the arrival of parcel and mail deliverers

Digital reception management system

  • Add employees
  • Invite visitors
  • Overview of employees
  • Overview number of visitors (daily)

Pricing Plans

Digital Reception offers the opportunity to choose a price plan that best suits your company's needs. Select Basic, Professional, or Enterprise package, and opt for monthly payments or save 10% if you pay per year.

€0 €0




  • Welcome screen
  • Invite visitors via any calendar or CMS and provide visitor pass
  • Check-In with QR or pin codes
  • Visitor, food, mail, and package arrival notifications by email
  • Add employees and invite visitors
  • Employees and visitors overview (daily)
  • Android application
  • Email support
  • Access management system

€99 / €79 monthly / when paid annually (€950 a year)


  • All free functionalities
  • Corporate identity integration
  • Visitor arrival notifications by phone, text or whatsapp.Generate visitor passes and access with expire date (QR code and PIN)
  • Visitors pass with an expiration date.
  • Email & telephone support
  • Look back up to 180 days (logs)
  • Customizing emails text
  • Branding and customizing design
  • Active Directory integration

Price  Price 

on request

on request


  • All standard functionalities and all options from the professional package
  • Any customization, integration, extension or functionality you need
  • Partner program
  • Customizing emails branding & content
  • Professional QR code scanners available
  • Multitenant

*Disclaimer: Hardware not included. 249 euro start up costs by professional and enterprise plan.

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