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Checking all your guests on their corona admission ticket is a time-consuming and costly activity for everyone, and even an impossible one for some. These checks are not likely to disappear anytime soon. You could certainly use some help with this task. Are you not really comfortable checking the tickets, or do you simply not have the manpower to do so? The corona access control pillar can help you out perfectly and will quickly reduce the need for manpower to carry out these checks.

corona check access control system

The pillar checks whether your guests have a valid corona QR code by scanning it. The software of the corona access control pillar checks if your guests are either negatively tested on, vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19. It can be determined per location which of these three are sufficient to get access. Namely, this differs per company or institution. To verify your guest’s identity, they will be asked for their birthday and -month. The software then compares this with the information in the QR code. If this matches, a green screen will pop up. If it doesn't match, the guest will be shown a red light.

Note: the hotel and catering industry, organisers of events, sport clubs and cultural institutions can, in some cases, receive financial aid to cover the costs of checking these QR codes.

Digital Reception qrcode scanner device


  • Display with "Scan your QR code" (status: white light)
  • Screen instructions for quick and easy QR code scanning
  • Birthday and month check
  • Valid QR code: green screen and top bar
  • Non-valid QR code: red screen and top bar


  • Connection to gates
  • ID card scanner
  • Corona checklist
  • Disinfection pump
  • Customisation of other tasks


One-off hardware 1.799 EUR (excl. VAT & transport costs)

Software licence 39 EUR per month

Service level agreement (remote support) 9 EUR per month

Transport costs NL 125 EUR & Belgium 250 EUR

When ordering more than three units, prices are to be discussed.

How we handle your data

Your data is not centrally stored anywhere

Your location data is not used or saved

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Coronacheck Point is an initiative of Diz and Future Forward

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